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Free Android Health Apps

Are you interested in free health apps for Android, including information on raw food, how to exercise with no effort, your diabetes risk, your liability to suffer ill health from stress, introduction to natural remedies, happiness or meditation or finding out the secrets of time management?

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How to Setup a Facebook Landing Page & Fan Gateway

A great Facebook landing page can help people identify with your brand and engage with your content. In other words, rather than seeing your wall as a default, they’ll see your marketing messages and calls to action. I'll walk you through every step of Facebook's system, pointing out exactly what settings you need to make your landing page work - from creating an 'app' in their developer suite, to installing it on your page.

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Full Android App Webview Template

Smartphones have taken the world by storm and it seems that Android-based ones are ever popular. There are lots of ways to code Android Apps, but using a webview has a lot of advantages, particularly for the beginner. Firstly, it's really quick and doesn't rely on complex coding skills. Secondly, because you host the files on your normal web hosting server, you can change the content as often as you like.

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I love Theme Forest

There are some amazing website templates on Theme Forest, made by much cleverer people than I am. If you want a website installing, then I'm your woman, but if you can do it youself, Theme Forest is definitely the way to go!

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